Saturday, January 24, 2015

turning point

so many turning points that I've encountered.
and not all turning points are cool.
some of them are, though.

I just miss my writing talent, seems like it has been diminished
been working out to replenish it.

but that's not what I wanna write in here.
here it goes.

the very first, big turning point that I'd seen in my life lane is that, when I expected too much to join those masterminds to pursue in master studies.
but I didn't make it.
yeah, I felt rejected. because they didn't approve my proposal paper because of my CGPA.
dude, the requirement back then was 2.70, and I got 2.68. not even any exceptional for ex-utem students. gah!

almost 3 weeks of "mourning" (I called it because I acted like some people sitting for shiva (shiva is a Jew word, indicates the activity during mourning period for those who just lost their loved ones) and I hardly feel anything, all I eat I just eat, but they seem to taste like tofu)
I even overlooked some lorry carrying big huge tyres and one of them flew across the car I drove, luckily it didn't crash the visor glass or I won't be here typing this crap


I received an offer letter to work as customer care consultant at maxis.
whoa. I just, whoa.
first; because it was the very first positive feedback I received after tons of applications to some random companies, with random jobscopes (I even tried on math  tutor position but luck wasn't on my side)
secondly, because it was the stigma of the society that maxis was one of big organisation, and they said maxis pay quite high to their employees (oh well it's big organisation  they're talking about)
and, there's no third. I went for interview and one of telesales team leader just picked me with his first sight of seeing me and decided to get me joined in his department instead.

so, here I am, customer care consultant aka retention unit officer (nah I just spice up the job title ;p)

it's not that bad, because working with headset clipped on your head does not mean you're working there because you're not employed by any engineering organization or departments due to bad CGPAs or whatever you wanna call it
as long as you get paid well and the work happens to be the source of income for you, just go for it
in fact, there are so many people graduated with various course names (it, sains makanan, psikologi (this one seems legitimate), office management, sains politik pun ada wei!)
andddd they're standing on the same floor as I am!
as long as you have degree and high level of confidence (smirk face) definitely they'll secure you with good salary package
except for contract of permanent position, it depends
even the pay is not that low for diploma holders though
and we don't even have to stay back late (the latest we can do overtime is by 10pm only)
not to say other job gives bad kind of workload, nothing is wrong and right, that's where God has assigned for you anyway

it's not about how bad your job is, it's about how awesome you get paid with
lol I guess my life objective now is inclined more to money I think

this is the story of my turning point in my life storyline.
but to be honest, I really have no idea of what's gonna happen to me in the future
because to me, finding job that really suits your need is not easy
you may consider how much is the salary package (you'll demand higher than your current pay with your current employer)
you may consider the travelling distance (minyak turun harga but the toll stays the same!)
you may consider the new working environment as well
there are so many to consider
and you end up stucked here, wondering whether you're in comfort zone or you just don't know how to take the next move

it's ok to start fresh, and it's not wrong to learn new things too
but if you've got better opportunity, just go for it

and I'm yet to explain more about how weird the world occupants are
because there are too much to be described, I may need a handful of oxford thesaurus to make them sounds rhetoric

see, I'm talking crap! too bad for whoever that is reading this post! haha!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

lama baru

Mula2 siakap ajak kawan, main kejar kejar tarik tarik tolak tolak
Waktu tolak tolak tu yang tak seronok sebab ingat nak ajak main tarik tarik balik
Rupanya tidak
Bila jumpa si tongkol yang lagi best, dia la penenang dia la tukang buat lawak jozan dia la itu ini
Terus lupa dekat sang siakap
Kesian kau ye siakap
Bertahun tak tegur siakap sebab asyik berkepit je dengan si tongkol
Taktau pulak siakap ni rindu dekat kawan lama dia
Yang kawan tu pulak taktau siakap ingat dekat dia lagi
So kawan tu move on je lah sebab dia sangka siakap buat bodoh dengan dia
Tinggallah siakap jadi tukang rindu
Taktau apa nak jadi dengan siakap lepas ni
Kesian kau ye siakap